Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surgery and hoping for a new life with less seizures.

Hello friends,We are finally home from Ariel's surgery.It's been a crazy few days,but it is accomplished and I'm glad for that.We left on Monday the 17th for the hotel.We were so thankful for it.especially after we were told we had to be there at 7:00am.I had gotten a call from a nurse who was trying to tell me it was going to be outpatient surgery.That was just a mess.I started making a lot of calls after that,because I had already discussed with the surgeon the need for her to be kept overnight.It finally ended with me figuring I would have to fight it out in the morning.

Ariel's daddy had a few errands to run and so we had to wait until he came back to leave.We were so thankful to The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation for providing us the room.It was beautiful and they even give you warm chocolate chip cookies when you check in.

We ended up just going to McDonald's for dinner,as we were looking for cheap.With my hubby retired money is very tight,so we try to economize as much as we can,and unfortunately I didn't have any coupons for anywhere.Ariel was happy,because she likes the bucket happy meals they are doing right now.
Once we got back to the hotel Ariel decided she wanted to go swimming,even though it was pretty cold outside and it is an outdoor pool.We were hoping to get to use the hot tub,but unfortunately they were having a convention and it was full of people.She swam for a bit and then of course was freezing when she got out.                        

We left the next morning at 6:00am to get to the hospital.It was so nice,because even with rush hour traffic it only took us 15 minutes to get there.Once there they right away kept saying the had it down for her to stay over night and it was not a problem,so we figured it was just this particular nurse having her own agenda.There were a lot of things about the hospital I liked,but there were a few I didn't care for.          

 One of those things seemed to be their lack of being able to do an i.v. properly.They poked her and poked her and poked her.Even with an Ultrasound machine they could not get an i.v. going.Poor girl looked like a pin cushion.I told them to just give her gas and when she's sleeping do it.That's what they ended up doing.I could tell even when she came back they poked her repeatedly.

Ariel was very brave.I gave her a kiss and left her a little before 9:00am.We went up to waiting room and waited and waited and waited some more.I was getting a bit concerned,as she had been in surgery for 3 hours.We were extremely tired having almost no sleep the night before.
Finally the surgeon came out and said they could not get her i.v. going it was really ridiculous and it just took a bit longer than expected.Then she ended up being in recovery for 4 more hours.                                                           
 I ran down the road to the drug store to get her a little something.She was still pretty out of it,but talking.Unfortunately she was pretty nauseated and threw up all night.She was also having quite a lot of pain.
 I will tell you VNS surgery is no small thing.It's not likje one of those surgeries where you're just fine to go back to normal the next day.It takes quite a bit to recover from it.I'm so glad she spent the night.She was feeling so terrible.Then she had a few things that I couldn't tell if they were seizure or from the drugs. 

                         She kept trying to eat and kept 
                                      throwing  up.                                       
     She felt so horrible all night I just felt bad for her.The surgeon came by.He was so nice and told us to stay as long as we needed to no rush. 
   By the next morning she was feeling much better.Even ate some breakfast and kept it down.I have to say Virginia Mason has wonderful food.The hospital itself is kind of small and makes you feel like you are walking in a dug out or something.The staff were very kind,but the fact that patients have to pay $20.00 for parking each day is ridiculous.  
 Ariel really like these things you put on your legs to keep them from getting blood clots,she called them her pumpers.They are like blood pressure cuffs for your legs.She said she has duck feet with pumpers on them. 

She wanted me to show  everyone,because she thought they were neat.She was feeling well enough to go home,but we had to wait forever,because the pharmacy had her Vimpat and we were waiting for them to bring it up,which took about 5 hours,despite the nurse calling them repeatedly.In the meantime Ariel was brought up a stack of emails,which was so sweet of all of you.Thank you.Ariel was hoping to stay long enough for lunch,since their food was so yummy!

 She had chicken strips,corn,rolls,rice,Sunchips,NY cheesecake and a strawberry slushie,yum! 
  Unfortunately we forgot the Webkinz we just bought her and we were too far away to go back.So I will have to see about getting her another.She did pretty good last night,still hurting a bit ,but okay.She walks with her neck a bit tilted,but the surgeon said he really didn't even want her holding her head up.She is sleeping on the couch now and just laying around.In two weeks the VNS will get turned on.We are praying it will greatly reduce her seizures.

Thank you for your prayers love and support.Thank you to everyone that sent her a card.Now I'm off to the pharmacy to pick up her meds.      

God bless,Linn                                                                                                                              


  1. AWESOME reporting Mom :)
    Can't wait to hear what happens when the VNS is turned on.
    Give Ariel a monster hug from us

    Charlene & Fam. (even my MIL prayed all day)

  2. Linn, I am praying this works for Ariel. I she has been through so much, your family has been though so much. My love is with you!