Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello friends,sorry for my long hiatus.We've just been tremendously busy,but in a good way.After 10 long years of never ending medical issues we have all just had enough of letting that run our lives.Sometimes you couldn't help it,like when Daniel was so very unstable,but praise God he has been without a Grand Mal for almost two months and we are enjoying every moment of it.

So with that said we went looking for things to do and God just totally opened the door on allowing us all the privelege to work for the zoo.

We had our first work days last weekend.Served 800 people each day and just had a blast.Ariel of course who loves being around animals is just delighted.

We've also had the opportunity to be greeters at a Starlight event and work at a booth for Make A Wish.


Daniel and I working a booth for Make A Wish.

It has been a blessing for the kids to all have this feeling of accomplishment.
We are looking forward to many more events to come.