Thursday, December 8, 2016


Hello friends,Sorry I'm so late getting this post out,I've just been incredibly busy.We had a very nice and quiet Thanksgiving.For the past couple of years it's just been us.The grandparents used to come,but they say it's too cold for their old!

So we just did our usual starting off with making a lot of phone calls wishing relatives a Happy Thanksgiving and talking to our son who's in Georgia.

Next we sat down while waiting for the turkey to get done and watched some specials we always watch.
The first is The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

                                 and The Macy's parade.

Then we ate our Thanksgiving dinner.We always have turkey and all the trimmings.
Mashed potatoes and gravy,stuffing,green bean casserole,sweet potatoes,pistachio salad (Ariel's favorite),cranberry sauce,rolls,deviled eggs,sparkling cider and usually four or five kinds of pies.

                MMMM turkey just out of the oven.
               Sandwiches the next day are our fav!!!

         After that we sat down and watched some more of our traditional shows.
 The Ultimate gift is our absolute favorite movies to    watch for Thanksgiving.    
 If you've never seen it,it's a wonderful movie that really shows you what is important in life.A good reminder especially this time of year.

Then we ate pie as we watched the musical Newsies I personally love musicals my kids not so much,well they like some better than others and The Disney Holiday Spectacular,which I thought was way better than the Macy's parade.
It was a mellow,yet very enjoyable day.I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Military Member of The Night.

As everyone knows my family loves hockey,especially Daniel,Ariel and I and we go often,especially now that we are season ticket holders.
One day I was cleaning out my inbox and found out my hubby was chosen to be Military Member of the night.I was quite surprised as I had put him in for it last year.

So we were given 4 extra tickets and went off to the game.We stopped first at Jack in the box,where Ariel decided to share her food with a homeless man.She's very sweet that way,although I often have to caution her about her safety.She figures that's what Jesus tells us to do.

Since we had extra tickets we were able to invite Daniel's wonderful hockey coach Gary and his son Andrew to come with us and enjoy the game. 

We had fun watching the hockey game and they announced Gilbert's service and put his name on the big screen.He was so funny before hand asking me should I wave,should I salute,should I do the Hawaiian sign for hang loose? Lol! 
I nixed that idea. 
It was neat to see everyone standing and waving for my hubby's service.I love the patriotism that's in hockey.No sitting down here.
They even gave him patriotic cookies that were quite delicious.
The only down side was our seats were right behind the hockey players.If you have ever smelt a hockey bag you will know what I mean.We'll just say it was pretty ripe where we were sitting.That's just hockey for you.Daniel often tries to get me to smell his stinky equipment.Must be all that testosterone.

Some exciting times during the game.Always interesting watching the glass shatter.Thankfully no one was hurt.
                    It was a fun night had by all.

Monday, November 7, 2016

October fun!

We have had a pretty fun October with lots of events and activities.
                               Pumpkin carving at the zoo.


                              Ariel decorating her cookie house.
                                 Bear wants to eat the cookie house.

           Our hockey booth for our churches candy carnival.
Ariel and her dad having fun at the candy carnival.

                                     Plenty of hockey games this month.

Our little party for home.We just watched a bunch of movies and ate a bunch of goodies.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The love of hockey.

How did we absolutely fall in love with hockey? 
Well as a mom of three kiddo's with pretty significant health issues I'm always looking for something for them to do.
We do our volunteer work at the zoo and we still really love that and continue to do as much as we can there.  
Anyway in an email I was sent a list of things to do around the sound and came across a Thunderbirds hockey game.
We went in October of last year and were absolutely hooked.
I feel hockey is such an underappreciated sport.

I love this quote by Brendan Shanahan
"Is hockey hard ? I don't know,you tell me.We need to have the strength and power of a football player,the stamina of a marathon runner and the concentration of a brain surgeon.
But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds on a cold slippery surface while five other guys use clubs to try and kill us.
Oh yeah,did I mention that this whole time were standing on blades 1/8 of an inch thick? 
Is ice hockey hard? I don't know,you tell me.Next question."

I love the speed of the sport it's so fast moving.
I admit I also like the fighting.That's part of the fun of hockey.
We fell in love with hockey so much that we all started learning to ice skate.
I've taken Ariel to Disney on ice every year and have always wanted to learn to skate.
My hubby tells me it's the Russian in my veins that likes the ice, lol! 
Maybe,ice skating is tons of fun.

So we continue to love the sport and love being involved in many aspects of it and probably will for a very long time. 

A video that I made while back dedicated to The Seattle Thunderbirds.

Also by Brendan Shanahan
 "There is no such thing as a non-hockey fan,only those who have yet to let the light of hockey shine unto their hearts."