Friday, November 25, 2016

Military Member of The Night.

As everyone knows my family loves hockey,especially Daniel,Ariel and I and we go often,especially now that we are season ticket holders.
One day I was cleaning out my inbox and found out my hubby was chosen to be Military Member of the night.I was quite surprised as I had put him in for it last year.

So we were given 4 extra tickets and went off to the game.We stopped first at Jack in the box,where Ariel decided to share her food with a homeless man.She's very sweet that way,although I often have to caution her about her safety.She figures that's what Jesus tells us to do.

Since we had extra tickets we were able to invite Daniel's wonderful hockey coach Gary and his son Andrew to come with us and enjoy the game. 

We had fun watching the hockey game and they announced Gilbert's service and put his name on the big screen.He was so funny before hand asking me should I wave,should I salute,should I do the Hawaiian sign for hang loose? Lol! 
I nixed that idea. 
It was neat to see everyone standing and waving for my hubby's service.I love the patriotism that's in hockey.No sitting down here.
They even gave him patriotic cookies that were quite delicious.
The only down side was our seats were right behind the hockey players.If you have ever smelt a hockey bag you will know what I mean.We'll just say it was pretty ripe where we were sitting.That's just hockey for you.Daniel often tries to get me to smell his stinky equipment.Must be all that testosterone.

Some exciting times during the game.Always interesting watching the glass shatter.Thankfully no one was hurt.
                    It was a fun night had by all.

Monday, November 7, 2016

October fun!

We have had a pretty fun October with lots of events and activities.
                               Pumpkin carving at the zoo.


                              Ariel decorating her cookie house.
                                 Bear wants to eat the cookie house.

           Our hockey booth for our churches candy carnival.
Ariel and her dad having fun at the candy carnival.

                                     Plenty of hockey games this month.

Our little party for home.We just watched a bunch of movies and ate a bunch of goodies.