Thursday, November 29, 2012

More zoo fun!

The kids and I have been having tons of fun at the zoo lately.The Zoolights have officially started and they are so pretty.

Ariel and I have already worked The Santa Dive.He's pretty brave diving in with the sharks.He and his elf.Ariel and I gave out candy canes and stamped sharks on the kids hands.

We have also done a couple of parties at the zoo.One we helped with and one we participated as it was a volunteer party.It was a lot of fun.There were games and plenty of dessert.We also got to walk around and see the lights.We even brought Nicholas with us.

Daniel and Michael have done greeting work.

We have several more events coming up as well.We are doing sting ray crafts,greeting and crowd control among some other things.So who knows if you all come out to Point Defiance maybe we'll see some friends out there.



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving,parades and parties.

Hello friends,I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and spent it with those you love.It's so sad to me when family is all drifted apart.I envy those with close family.We spent Thanksgiving with just ourselves for the second year in a row,but that's okay we love each other and that's a lot better than having people around that don't want to be there.

We had a very nice day with lots of food,each other and had a nice time watching some Christmas movies.Daniel and Ariel helped me cook and we just had a very nice mellow day.

We had so much wonderful food and everyone pitched in to make it.Turkey and stuffing,mashed potatoes,cranberry sauce rolls,green bean casserole,yams,deviled eggs.You name it we had it and then we had 7 kinds of pies.Pumpkin,apple,chocolate,lemon meringue,banana cream,cheesecake and more.

After prayer,dinner and dessert we all went around the table and talked about what we are all most thankful for.Jesus,salvation,family and the kids were so thankful for the improvement in their health.
The following morning we had to wake up early as we were to be in The Macy's holiday parade.It's not near as big as the one in New York,but there were tons of people there.We all met at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle.It was fun looking at all the costumed people.

After we met our party we all headed down to the street to wait for our turn.Even though it was pouring rain it was great ,because we got to listen to all the marching bands practicing.Nothing like listening to the bands play to get you all fired up and ready for walking.

Finally it was our turn we were second to last right before the giant Macy's balloons and Santa.I have to tell you it was so much fun.The kids and I had a great time marching down the streets waving,handing out flyers and stickers and throwing out bracelets.I told them next year we should totally throw out candy,although the kids did like the stickers.Ariel did great.I was a bit concerned due to her Arthritis issues,but she did a wonderful job walking.She kept up the pace and had a lot of fun.

These pics are pretty blurry,because I took them while walking very fast.Daniel did a great job waving at the crowd.It was like he was running for office.Michael ran up to the crowds and slapped hands and got the girls all screaming.Ariel also did a great job waving and throwing out bracelets to everyone.I ran around handing out stickers to the kids,but several times got behind and had to run around to catch up.

I wish I could have seen the whole parade as it looked amazing,but the kids and I had a blast walking in it for Make A Wish.After the parade we came home just in time to change our clothes and to go to work at the zoo.

That night we worked they were having a VIP party.So we directed and guided people to where it was at.There were carolers and zipliners,lots of beautiful lights and it was just fun,but a bit cold and wet.

After our job was finished they had us come in and get hot chocolate and all the party food we wanted.Boy and when it's cold nothing tastes better than a cup of hot chocolate.

So I can say we had a lovely Thanksgiving and a memorable day after.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Disney on ice

There's a tradition that Ariel and I do every year in November and that's going to Disney on ice.This year we had friends come with us and it was perfect girls day out.


We first stopped at the bookstore and then the mall and then went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.One of our favorites.We had great seats,epsecially since they were only $17.00 a piece.

Ariel and I always enjoy going to Disney on ice.We love the princesses and they always put on a great show.This year it was Princess and the frog,Cinderella,and Rapunzel.It was a great show and I'm grateful for wonderful friends that we can do things together with.

Procedure day.

Ariel had another procedure done recently an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.We went to  the clinic in Bellevue and I'm so glad we did.They were awesome and I am so thankful she has the G.I. here,because he's been so good to her.

The nurses were so wonderful and best of all took their time getting an i.v. going.Usually I will tell them she's a hard stick and they say ok and poke her over and over.This time they took their time put on hot packs and only had to poke her once.

Unfortunately Ariel started having a lot of that new seizures she's been having lately.The doctors were concerned and so she had to get 3 doses of Versed before the surgery.Everything went well with the procedure and she did fine with it.The nurses gave her apple juice and graham crackers.Everyone was so kind.I'm really glad we made the long trip there.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for Ariel.