Thursday, October 6, 2016

The love of hockey.

How did we absolutely fall in love with hockey? 
Well as a mom of three kiddo's with pretty significant health issues I'm always looking for something for them to do.
We do our volunteer work at the zoo and we still really love that and continue to do as much as we can there.  
Anyway in an email I was sent a list of things to do around the sound and came across a Thunderbirds hockey game.
We went in October of last year and were absolutely hooked.
I feel hockey is such an underappreciated sport.

I love this quote by Brendan Shanahan
"Is hockey hard ? I don't know,you tell me.We need to have the strength and power of a football player,the stamina of a marathon runner and the concentration of a brain surgeon.
But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds on a cold slippery surface while five other guys use clubs to try and kill us.
Oh yeah,did I mention that this whole time were standing on blades 1/8 of an inch thick? 
Is ice hockey hard? I don't know,you tell me.Next question."

I love the speed of the sport it's so fast moving.
I admit I also like the fighting.That's part of the fun of hockey.
We fell in love with hockey so much that we all started learning to ice skate.
I've taken Ariel to Disney on ice every year and have always wanted to learn to skate.
My hubby tells me it's the Russian in my veins that likes the ice, lol! 
Maybe,ice skating is tons of fun.

So we continue to love the sport and love being involved in many aspects of it and probably will for a very long time. 

A video that I made while back dedicated to The Seattle Thunderbirds.

Also by Brendan Shanahan
 "There is no such thing as a non-hockey fan,only those who have yet to let the light of hockey shine unto their hearts."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fun with the grandparents.

 Hello friends,We just spent the last week with my in-laws,grandma and grandpa to the kiddo's.
It's always a lot of fun and the kids so love having them here.They brought us some batches of their awesome homemade tamales.
Ariel wanted to make grandpa a cake so we made him a rooster one.
My father in-law loves roosters.
I think it reminds him of chasing chickens around the yard as a little boy.

                                                      Cock-a-doodle-doo !

 We spent many days working on jigsaw puzzles.One of grandma Lucy's favorite things to do.I think we did like five.
One was an entire puzzle of snack cakes, boy was that one a pain,but fun.

                                                         Yes,we finished it!!!!!!!

                                                       Man,we are so awesome!!!!!!!!

 We were able to take them to the zoo on Wednesday.
It was such a beautiful day.
They kept telling us they brought the Californian sunshine with them.

                                  Ariel likes to help grandpa
    The jellyfish in the background are ones that the boys and I helped make along with other volunteers.

                                       Feeding the Pygmy goats.
 We even got to share our love of hockey with grandma Lucy,who is a new fan.
It was so funny we were sitting at the glass and it seemed like her section was the one that was slammed up against the most.
She absolutely loved it.

                            Grandma Lucy and Daniel enjoying the game.
It Was a very nice visit and a fun week.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Birthday fun!

As I've said on my other pages we make a huge deal of birthdays. We've had some pretty frightening times with our kiddo's and unfortunately lost way too many friends,so we make a huge celebration of each year,tending to celebrate birthdays over the week rather than just a day.Since I haven't used my blog in three years I figured I'd share a few of those special times.
                                                     Ariel's western party May 2015

                                       The video of Ariel's party it was so much fun.

Daniel's birthday last year was spent at the baseball game,bowling and giving him a bunch of Japanese stuff,since he loves Miku and anime so much.

                                                  At the Rainier's game.
Michael's birthday last year was spent bowling and playing with the Clouded leopard cubs at the zoo.

This year Ariel just wanted a small birthday with barbecue and a few friends.My little pony themed of course.

Daniel wanted to have a big paintball party this year.I have never done this before,but put on my brave face and did it.What a blast that was,literally.It hurt like you wouldn't believe,but was so much fun I would totally do it again,even though my bruises still haven't gone away,lol!
                                                The Miku cake Daniel helped me make.

 Michael wanted to spend his birthday taking a walk on the Wetlands.So we gathered up our fortitude after some donuts from Pao's in Tacoma and did the 3 mile trek,then went bowling,had pizza at Westside pizza and played DDR.