Sunday, March 25, 2012

Purple Day!

Tomorrow is purple day for Global awareness of Epilepsy Day!There certainly needs to be awareness,because unfortunately there is still a lot of misconceptions about Epilepsy,one of them being that Epilepsy is a very benign disorder that is easily treated by medication.The fact that there are so many injuries and even deaths related to seizures seems to be swept under the carpet.Sadly sometimes it seems by those that promote Epilepsy awareness.One of our favorite organizations for Epilepsy awareness is This one:!/groups/201503483233598/

The Hutchison's lost their precious 16 yr old daughter Chelsea to a seizure.
Please read this post I did a few months back about the true and often tragic story of uncontrolled seizures.Our family has been struck by the difficult grip of uncontrolled seizures and how they can affect,your body through injury,your brain through memory loss and cognitive issues,your family often through seclusion and isolation,your finances,every aspect of your life.

Here is a video of my kids story I recently did when we were having a particularly hard week.Thank you to everyone that has shown support and given love and encouragement.

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