Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog changes

Hello friends,due to some recent unpleasant circumstances,finger pointing and all the fiery darts thrown my way.
I am going to be making some changes on my blog.

I am tired of all the armchair physicians who don't know diddily squat about my daughter and what's going on with her telling me what to do or not do.And I'm not talking people who offer friendly, helpful medical advice.I welcome that.There are people who just don't get it.So I'm going to lay it out.A couple of my kids have life threatening medical conditions.You can live in denial and say it isn't so,but the facts are the facts.That's why they got Make a Wish trips.The doctor had to sign papers saying this is a life threatening disorder.They have an unknown and hopefully someday known genetic syndrome that all the specialists agree is progressive.I have endured so much pain and hurt recently by some of the people who you would think would care about you the most, that I'm going to be very cautious in what I put out there anymore.

I will be using this blog for mainly fun times,recipes,Bible verses things like that.I am going to try and avoid talking anything medical on this site.I wanted to change it to private,but with blogger you can only have like 80 readers,so that doesn't really work.If you would like more info about what's going with Ariel in the medical sense you can either friend me on FB or send me a request on Caringbridge.

Sad that I feel the need to do this,but I don't know what else to do other than privatize.Thank you all for your understanding.Linn

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