Friday, June 14, 2013

Schedule of events at Ariel's Ark.

Hello friend ,well today is

                           At Ariel's Ark.

Where we give you a few interesting animal facts and see if you all have some to share as well.We will also be adding a bit of

as well.
So here's the schedule:

                                                                          Monday:Guess the animal day.Where we put up a partial picture and you try and figure out what it is.
Tuesday:Share your favorite zoo or pet sanctuary or animal place day.
We would love to see pics or get links of your favorite place to visit and see different animals.We share some of our favorite animal places as well as highlight some amazing folks that work with animals.
Wednesday:Your fabulous pets day.
What kind of pet do you have what makes them special to you? Do they have any special tricks they perform.Send us your pictures and stories and we will feature your pets.
Thursday:Your favorite animal book or movie day.What makes this book or movie special and why?Also animals in books and movies trivia. 
Friday:Fun Fact Friday with a bit of Grossology mixed in.If you have any fascinating or amazing animal facts to share we'd love to see them.
Saturday: Animal in the spotlight and ask the audience questions.Giving facts and information about an animal that's apotlighted and asking you the audience some questions.
 Sunday is recipe day.Tasty treats for you and your pets. 
So come on over to Ariel's Ark and join in the fun.

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