Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One of Ariel's best days.

When you have a chronic illness times are tough most of the time.Often there are more bad days then good.Recently Ariel's been having some very bad days.One of the meds she was given for motility caused her to get a bad case of Dyskenesia.That is a bad med reaction that gives you a movement disorder.It lasted several days and now Ariel is terrified to take her meds.Anyway she finally started getting a bit better.So yesterday we had decided to use the tickets the zoo gave us to go to the baseball game.The weather was beautiful and the day turned out wonderful.

We love to go to the ball game and root for our team,sing take me out to the ball game,and all the other goofy things they have you do at the ball game,along with having some garlic fries and nachos,although Ariel didn't eat anything.
I really just enjoyed watching her smile and have fun.
After the game we drove over to Fort Nisqually an old fort where they do some really neat time period reenactments and teach you how they did things in the 1800's.
We enjoyed a wonderful picnic in the woods.
Story time.
Ariel told me that night that it was the best day she had in a long time.She felt so good that day.She said it was so nice to have a normal day for once.

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