Friday, June 15, 2012

Loving grandma & grandpa!

Hello friends sorry it's been so long since I've been on my blog.I've just been very busy with life.
We recently finished up a trip with the kids grandparents.
My husbands dad and stepmom have been such loving wonderful people with the kids they are a true blessing.
They've even witnessed the kids having seizures,like Daniel having one in the car when he and grandpa and his dad went for an errand,but despite that they still love to be around them.

Anyway we picked them up on the 2nd of June and they were here until the 11th.They brought us our favorite Pan de huevo(Mexican sweet bread)  and tamales.
My father in laws health has declined quite a bit and so he spent most of the time here in bed.That was okay with Ariel she spent most of the time in bed with him watching old episodes of Family Feud.

Ariel is grandpa's girl totally.She just loves being around him.

She also got quite a few lessons on cooking with grandma.When I was taking pictures I was saddened to see Ariel still having petit mals in them.We have added the Felbatol,but so far it doesn't seem to be doing much.

We had friends come over to sample their cooking.They said that those were the best enchiladas they had ever eaten.They also make an awesome chili verde.It was fun to visit with friends and have them meet the relatives.

                                Grandpa adoring his girl!

One day my FIL actually felt pretty peppy and we had a fun time  playing croquet.

We had a wonderful time and hopefully we will be able to bring them out again,or be able to go to California ourselves for a visit.

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