Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame,even in the rain!

One thing I so love about our church besides the awesome preaching and teaching is the fellowship and building each other up.Everyone has a friend there and no one ever feels alone.That's something we really strive for.

So with that being said the staff is always trying to find new things we can all do together.They had decided on having us all go to The Tacoma Rainiers Game together.

Now in Washington planning anything outdoors ahead of time is always risky and of course as usual the day of the game it was pouring down rain,but in Washington they don't cancel ball games for pesky things like rain, and so we decided to forge on armed with our cheap Dollar Store rain ponchos.They really were glorified garbage bags with hoods,but they did the job.

We brought our cousin Randy with us it was the last day of school for him.

They all had so much fun goofing around eating cotton candy and kettle corn and watching the fireworks at the end of the game after The Rainiers won.True we endured some rain off and on during the game,but hey it's Washington if you don't learn to do things in the rain you will never go anywhere.

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