Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beach Days!

One of my absolutely favorite things to do,besides going to Disneyland is to go to the beach. I love to sit with my toes in the sand and just watch the birds,the waves and the boats go by.It's like I can just feel the stress of everyday life just rolling off my back.


We always bring a picnic, usually stopping and getting fried chicken and then bringing all sorts of great picnic food.The kids always have a great time there.


             Sometimes we just play in the sand or fly kites.

                            Ariel loves collecting jellyfish.

                             Michael likes digging holes.

                         Daniel likes fishing when he can.


Our other new favorite thing to do after the beach is to go into this little Norwegian town close by and go to the bakery and get a treat.


Any day at the beach to me is always a great one!

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