Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Disney concert and some hard days.

Hello friends,Well we've had some tough days around here.For whatever reason Ariel was really having a tough day on Friday.Sensory issues were at an all time high,not to mention seizures were bad too.

On Saturday we had the privelege of going to The Disney concert at the symphony in Seattle.At first our seats were up way too high and that was not going to work,but the people at the symphony were very accomodating .
 and understanding about Ariel's fear of heights.

The show was just amazing not only did the have all of the instruments,but they also had a huge movie screen showing movie clips and had vocalists singing several songs,like Tale as old as time and several from Little Mermaid,Jungle Book,Aladdin and several other shows.It was amazing.

After the show we went to The California pizza kitchen for cherry limeades and bbq chicken pizza.

It was a nice day and Ariel & I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here's the latest video I made about my princess:

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  1. glad Ariel was able to enjoy the concert. My next comment is directed from a post maybe a few weeks back talking about the seizures your family has had to deal with. Have you tried to get into the Bethesda trials? I know they take families that have rare diesease . Just a thought though.