Thursday, November 29, 2012

More zoo fun!

The kids and I have been having tons of fun at the zoo lately.The Zoolights have officially started and they are so pretty.

Ariel and I have already worked The Santa Dive.He's pretty brave diving in with the sharks.He and his elf.Ariel and I gave out candy canes and stamped sharks on the kids hands.

We have also done a couple of parties at the zoo.One we helped with and one we participated as it was a volunteer party.It was a lot of fun.There were games and plenty of dessert.We also got to walk around and see the lights.We even brought Nicholas with us.

Daniel and Michael have done greeting work.

We have several more events coming up as well.We are doing sting ray crafts,greeting and crowd control among some other things.So who knows if you all come out to Point Defiance maybe we'll see some friends out there.



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