Sunday, December 9, 2012

Country Christmas 2012

Hello friends,Today the kids and I went to the Port Gamble country Christmas.This is kind of a yearly thing we do.

We started out by going to Central Market kind of like a grocery store farmers market to get pizza.Michael loves his pizza!They also had the prettiest Christmas trees.

          This was the cutest sock monkey tree.

Then I told the kids they could each get a bag of candy.Hmmm so many choices.

Then off we went.Unfortunately we got there a little later than I wanted, and so we missed out on the hay rides and the kettle corn,but with Ariel not feeling all that great and having breathing issues it was probably better we weren't outside too long.

After walking around looking at the lights we all got hot chocolate and hot cider and then went and watched the fireworks.They have the most amazing fireworks in Port Gamble.

My video is a bit jumpy at times sorry about that.After the fireworks show we came home and made a gingerbread house.

They did a great job on the gingerbread house.It was a very fun day!

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  1. Looks like a fine day indeed. Lin, you do so many fun things with your kids! Love and prayers for more fun this season and Ariel to get over her breathing problems.