Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celebrating Ariel's 18th birthday.

Hello friends,Well it's that time of year again.Time to celebrate our darling girl's birthday.When your children have life threatening disorders you make a lot out of birthdays,because each birthday marks another milestone, another year you've been blessed with.

We tend to not have birthdays but birth weeks.Where we have like a week long celebration.It usually includes several members of the family taking that person out to lunch,dinner,a movie,bowling or something special they would like to do.

Last year Ariel had a Hawaiian party and we invited pretty much our entire church.We had 85 people at our house and it was amazing.

The gals from Blackbird Bakery in Bainbridge Island made this fabulous cake for Ariel all pro bono courtesy of Icing Smiles.It was not only beautiful but delicious.

We had tons of fun games, three legged races,volleyball,egg on a spoon,water balloon tosses you name it,plus face painting and an amazing barbecue.

This year we are hoping to top it with a pirate and princess party.

So everyone needs to get ready to don their striped socks.

If anyone deserves a great birthday this year it is Ariel.
The last several months have been sheer misery with all the procedures and sickness and hospitalizations.
No one should ever have to go through what she has these past several months.I want this really to be a birthday to remember.

We are already working on pirate names for the landlubbers and some feminine and princessy ones too.

We are having a princess boutique and The Jolly Roger tattoo parlor.

So if you're coming to Ariel's party let me know if you are pirate or princess and we will find some interesting names for you all.I also have a lot of amazing games and other things in store.It will as always be a ton of fun.I'm just praying for a beautiful sunshiny day. 

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