Monday, April 8, 2013

Making the most of the good days,even if they're few and far between.

Hello friends,We actually had a couple of good days since being out of the hospital.As I said before I'm only posting medical things on FB or Caringbridge.To make this blog private I would only be allowed under 100 readers,so it's just easier to post those things on a format I can make more secure.One of the things that made Ariel so sad about being inpatient on Easter Sunday was not about baskets or eggs or chocolate bunnies,but missing church.She just really wanted to go to church and have her ham dinner.She can eat at times small amounts.Other times she can't eat at all.It seems to be cyclic whatever the cause.
On Friday I was actually able to go to Ladies Spark with our church.It's this crazy day long devotional,game playing,skit watching rally.It's just a blast and they are so creative in the games and things they come up with.This year the theme was somewhere in time and so I dressed up like a 50's housewife,complete with my pearls.All I needed was an apron and a vacuum cleaner.

On Saturday we had some of our dear friends come over and Ariel and her friends,Carolyne and Rebecka did crafts and we had her ham dinner,plus watched an old movie.

Ariel had so much fun,but as you can see by the picture she's pretty pale looking.I even made her favorite peach cobbler.

On Sunday we actually made it to two church services.After the first service Ariel took me out to lunch at The Victorian Rose Tea Room.

Sunday night after church we had a teen night at Dairy Queen.I think that was the after church hot spot,because atleast two other churches were there.It was a lot of fun.

It was a really fun weekend.Ariel was hurting a bit last night,so today we just took it easy,but it was so nice to do some normal things again.

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  1. Hi Linn, Ariel and family, I am so happy that you final got a normal day! I hope things get even better real soon!! HUGS and PRAYERS coming at you always! Love ya, Wendy PS...I love the format of this blog! You do so good with this stuff!