Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ariel's 19th Birthday.

Wow I can't believe my baby girl is 19 years old.Where did the time go? Considering Ariel has had such a hard time recently and spent a good over 6 weeks inpatient we really wanted to make things special for her this birthday.

Our family doesn't usually celebrate birthdays but instead we tend to celebrate birth weeks ,where the person gets taken out on several outings by different members of the family.

So on Ariel's actual birthday May 15th we went to the theatre to see Iron Man 3 in the Dbox.Ariel has always wanted to do this.You sit in these chairs and they shake you around all over the place.

Besides the giant puppy she also got flowers and cupcakes.Then we started preparing for the big party.We had decided to do pirates and princesses this year.I was getting very concerned,because the weather was supposed to be questionable at best,but it turned out to be okay.A sprinkle here and there,but it was not bad and we had a lot of fun.

              The kids and I spent a lot of time decorating.


We played a lot of fun games.Water balloon toss,egg on a   spoon races,ducks in the pond,pitch the penny in the cup,walk the plank,just a bunch of things.

                    We also had a barbecue and lots of food.

                                  Fishing for ducks.
                          Ariel's cousins Randy and Chloe.


Ariel's awesome cakes.Disney princesses and Jack Sparrow.

                                       Make A Wish.

 The Lanier Family made this awesome treasure chest for   Ariel.It was filled with all sorts of awesome things.
          My wonderful friend Dianna did face painting for me.

Sunday after Ariel's party I took her to the tea house for lunch.She was looking so good and happy. 

That evening at church the pastor had everyone sing Ariel happy birthday.We also shared cake with everyone.Ariel had a wonderful birthday and certainly felt loved.Thank you to everyone that shared it with her and made her feel special.

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