Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zoo days!

Hello friends,Well I'm happy to say that we have gone back to work at our beloved zoo.Our first day back was Friday.Ariel and I worked as greeters at the front gate and Daniel and Michael worked at our brand new exhibit StingRay Cove.Everyone was so happy to see the kids,especially seeing Ariel looking so well.
Friday was very busy.We worked at different times and so first the boys worked for a couple of hours and then Ariel and I did.
Yesterday we started the morning making Budgie sticks.You use popsicle sticks,dip them in gelatin and water and put Millet on them.We did that for about an hour and a half,when Daniel declared he had enough of doing that and wanted to do something else,so we started working as greeters.I could not believe how many people were there yesterday.

As you can tell Daniel is absolutely thrilled to be making Budgie
After making them though we got to walk down and feed the Budgies.
Then it was up to be greeters.Ariel amazed me.There were hundreds of people and she was extremely helpful to all of them.In fact she and Daniel wanted me to leave them alone.I did not really want to do this,but our director told me not too worry since other people were up there.Actually Ariel had a very good low seizure day.
After working the gate for many hours the kids and I all took a lunch break.

Then it was off to work StingRay Cove our newest exhibit.

Inside the aquarium
And sometimes after a hard days work you just need a cotton candy break.
Everyone had a blast and we were so happy to be there to help and that Ariel was well enough to work again.

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