Sunday, August 28, 2016

Birthday fun!

As I've said on my other pages we make a huge deal of birthdays. We've had some pretty frightening times with our kiddo's and unfortunately lost way too many friends,so we make a huge celebration of each year,tending to celebrate birthdays over the week rather than just a day.Since I haven't used my blog in three years I figured I'd share a few of those special times.
                                                     Ariel's western party May 2015

 The video of Ariel's party it was so much fun.

Daniel's birthday last year was spent at the baseball game,bowling and giving him a bunch of Japanese stuff,since he loves Miku and anime so much.

                   At the Rainier's game.
Michael's birthday last year was spent bowling and playing with the Clouded leopard cubs at the zoo.

This year Ariel just wanted a small birthday with barbecue and a few friends.My little pony themed of course.

Daniel wanted to have a big paintball party this year.I have never done this before,but put on my brave face and did it.What a blast that was,literally.It hurt like you wouldn't believe,but was so much fun I would totally do it again,even though my bruises still haven't gone away,lol!
     The Miku cake Daniel helped me make.

 Michael wanted to spend his birthday taking a walk on the Wetlands.So we gathered up our fortitude after some donuts from Pao's in Tacoma and did the 3 mile trek,then went bowling,had pizza at Westside pizza and played DDR.

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