Friday, August 26, 2016

Our son the soldier

One big occurrence that has happened in our lives is our oldest at home Nicholas joined the United States Armed Forces and is now in the army.

                       Leaving for boot camp.

Nicholas had chosen to stay at home and help out.So he worked a full time job and paid rent,but was a huge help with helping fix any repairs on the house,lawn maintenance,mechanical work with the cars.You name it he did it.He also was there if dad and I wanted to spend our anniversary away or wanted to go out.He knew medical procedures for the kids if they were to have a seizure and also took care of the animals if we all wanted to go somewhere,but it was time for him to spread his wings and do his own thing.Getting in was no easy task as a homeschooler he had to score 35 points more on his  test just to get in. Not only did he score 35 points higher,but actually scored quite a bit higher and pretty much got his pick of jobs.He had four that he looked into,but chose to be a communication specialist,so he is schooling as of right now on computers and is doing great on all of his tests.This pretty much secures him for life,since everything is so computer based anymore,so if he decides to not reenlist he will have no problem getting a job in the public sector.We decided to throw him a party with friends,barbecue and cake.
It was a nice time.

 Nicholas left for boot camp on April 11th and Daniel and I flew down to Georgia on the 27th of June to see him graduate.They had a family day and an absolutely beautiful graduation ceremony,complete with an amazing band and soldiers doing reenactments.
                       The National infantry museum,where his graduation was held.
                                          Standing in formation.
                            Inside the infantry museum on graduation day.
On family day as well as graduation we were allowed to take him from 9-7pm so that was nice. All he wanted to do was go to places to eat.So we went to the movies and ate and ate and ate.We had a wonderful time and Nick was so happy we were able to go to his graduation.We wished that we all could have gone,but we didn't have anyone to take care of our animals,plus the expense was pretty high.Glad Daniel and I got to be there.
                             Nick showing us the tanks at Fort Benning.

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