Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our first homeschool field trip of the year.

On Sept 4 we went on our first homeschool field trip.We went to the Pacific Science center to go see the King Tut exhibit.This was a really neat field trip in that the kids and I have done many studies on Egypt in the past.We also have done Bible studies on it and I am always reminded of the stories of Moses from Exodus.

Here are a few of the items we saw.

There were so many fascinating things to see.We had an audio device to listen to that told about several of the items.It was narrated by Harrison Ford.While looking at the items I kept thinking about the people who were slaves during that period.How with pharoahs word the soldiers had come and killed all the male babies and toddlers.How Moses mother put him in the basket and sent him down the river to save his life.How the people
 were forced to be slaves to build these mass monuments to the pharoahs and the false gods of Egypt.
I think about Moses and the mass
exodus from Egypt.
It's always been very difficult for Ariel to understand certain things as far as The Bible goes,although I'm always surprised and blessed at how God is able to give her a certain amount of understanding.We have watched The Prince of Egypt several times and that gave her some understanding as far as Moses and what that life was like back then.We talk about different things about life back then during the movie and what was true and what is an artistic element added,though that is one of my person favorites as far as movies go.
After we went through the King Tut exhibit we went to several of the other exhibits in the Science center.Dinosaurs,planets,the human body and the butterflyhouse.This was one of Ariel's favorites,plus we messed around with the water exhibits outside.

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