Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Make A Wish ice cream social.

Thursday was the annual ice cream social for Make A Wish from Cold Stone Creamery.This year it was a little bit different.In the previous years they've always had a special flavor of ice cream made by a Make A Wish child that we gave out.People could make donations if they wanted to.Not sure if it was because lack of response or funds that they did it a bit differently this year.This year the social went on all day with people being allowed to buy stars and $1.00 going to Make A Wish for any like it or love it sized creation,so we were not able to scoop in the front this time like we normally used to,but we had a lot of fun times doing other things for the store instead.

Make A Wish means so much to us.Both Daniel and Ariel were blessed with Make A Wish trips.Here's the video of Ariel's

The first thing Daniel and Ariel did was fill candy bins.


               Then they frosted cupcakes.

                     Dipped waffle cones


And visited with our cousins who were nice enough to come out and support Make A Wish,along with some friends from church.

                 Then we did more filling.

It was a really fun day and for a great cause.
Thank you to everyone that donated to Make A Wish this month through Cold Stone.

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