Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Highlights of the past year!

Looking back on 2012 there were some very tough times,but also some very memorable ones,so here are the highlights.

How does a hospital pic make a highlight you ask? Because even though Ariel spent a very miserable 8 days inpatient with kidney stones in January of last year, her room was flooded with cards from family,friends and members of our church and it showed us and her how very loved she is.

Spending Gilbert's birthday with family,playing games and having mexican food.See how very touched he is.

Going to The Rainforest Cafe with my girl and going to see Oklahoma at the 5th Avenue theatre after.I love those girls days out!

The kids receiving their Emfit monitors from The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation that alarm if they have a seizure in their sleep.Peace of mind is such an awesome thing!

Valentine's Day with those we love.Heart shaped pizza and everything!

My birthday to where I had more outings with friends and family then I could count.I felt very blessed!

Roller skating with our church family,that was a blast,even though I was black and blue for over a month.

                         An amazingly fun ladies retreat.

Mother's Day with my girl and the wonderful ladies of our church having lunch at Peurto Vallarta.
Easter Sunday at church and home for a meal after.
Ariel's amazingly awesome Hawaiian themed birthday party.

A very fun church picnic with volleyball and flag football.
                    Grandma and grandpa coming to visit.
Going to see The Tacoma Rainiers.
Going to The Seattle Symphony with my girl.
Visiting with some special friends.
Independence Day spent with family barbecuing,going to the movies and plenty of fireworks.
More beach days than I could count.

Vacation Bible School
     Celebrating Michael & Daniel's birthdays.

Homeschool field trip with our church.
Going to The Evergreen Speedway to watch the car races.
                      Scooping up wishes for Make A Wish!
Fairs and luncheons.
                            Even some fun Starlight events.

                           Doing volunteer work at the zoo.

                               Disney on ice with friends.
              Being in The Macy's parade after Thanksgiving.

Zoo parties,light displays,firework shows,ugly sweater parties and Christmas with family.

2012 Had some wonderful memories.

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