Monday, June 5, 2017

Ariel's birthday and Mother's Day.

Hello friends,This month we celebrated Ariel's birthday.In the past we've had some huge theme type parties with tons of people.We've done Hawaiian, pirates and princesses and western. This year with the weather being so bad Ariel just wanted a few friends. Our friends the Casaus' Family are a party in themselves with the size of their family and always a ton of fun to do things with. She wanted a princess theme. I was scratching my head on what to do.Our weather has been just awful this year so cold and more rain than we've had in decades.We have an enormous yard that is very much like a park,but our house is only fifteen hundred sq ft and gets a bit crammed.So Ariel and I went on You tube and discovered a bunch of Minute to win it games that looked like a lot of fun.

 I took Ariel out to a birthday lunch.
    Opening gifts from her big brother Nick.
               The house is all decorated for a princess.
 This game you have to get all the gumballs from one bottle to the other faster than your opponent.
 This game you Stack cups with paper between and then you have to pull the paper out and the cups have to stack together without falling over.

 Paper dragon see who can unroll the streamers and wrap them around their arms the fastest.
Saran wrap ball. You wrap goodies like candy,coins and toys in a Saran wrap ball and each person takes turns unwrapping until the person next to them rolls doubles on the dice.Whatever falls out while you unwrap is yours.

 Watching movies. We even had a popcorn bar with all sorts of goodies to put in your popcorn,like gummy bears,Raisinettes,Junior Mints,M&M's and pretty much anything you can think of.

    The weather cleared up enough for some beach ball volleyball.
                         Make A Wish!

Ariel had a wonderful birthday.I'm so glad she enjoyed her special day.

     I had a wonderful Mother's Day and truly got spoiled.

 Ariel took me out to lunch at the Mexican restaurant and my boys got me all sorts of gift cards.Nick gave me money for dinner and a movie and my hubby bought me a beautiful hanging plant and got lunch out at Dickey's barbecue.It's so nice to bring it home good food and no crowds.

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