Saturday, June 3, 2017

February news

 In February Ariel got a new baby. We named her Daisy.She is such a sweetie and such a little thing.Ariel just adores her.

Michael got his wisdom teeth removed.Not too much fun and unfortunately he has had to be on antibiotics 3 times,because every time he has gone off of them his face swells.So far he hasn't been on them for a couple of weeks and so far so good,so hopefully he's all better.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with heart shaped pizza,cupcakes,chocolates and gifts.Always nice to show your family how much they are loved.

    My hubby took me to dinner the day before.
   In the evening we went to see The Thunderbirds hockey game.

 Ariel got to do three stars and give medals to the players.

                                                                                  Ariel & Ryan Gropp
                                                                              Ariel & Keegan Kolesar
                                                                                Ariel and Elijah Brown

Ariel did a great job.She was really nervous,but did fantastic.She had a very memorable Valentine's Day.

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