Sunday, September 25, 2011

My very first blog post.

Hello friends,Welcome to my new little home on the web.I'm fairly new to all this,so bare with me while I learn the ropes and figure out how to do things.I've been on Caringbridge writing about our kids struggles with medical issues for quite some time.It's becoming quite difficult,because we have three kids with Epilepsy and each ones life and stories are so complex they could fill a book.

I also wanted somewhere to come and  talk about other things besides just medical.We go through a lot of medical issues,but that is not all that our lives are about.Our lives are about serving God and making the most of each day that God has given us.Living life to the fullest and just getting tremendous joy out of even the smallest things that life has to offer.

We live out in the country  in the Puget Sound area of Washington State on a beautiful two and a half acres surrounded by woods.Our house is barn red with white trim and we have six fruit trees on our property as well as a bunch of chickens and dogs,turtles and a cat.

We have homeschooled our kids for the past fifteen years and really enjoy the closeness that it has given us.
I love old fashioned country,Victorian and simple type things.I love nothing more than to cook and bake in the rain,curling up on the couch with hot cider or tea and watching an old movie.

Recently since my huband retired I started couponing to help make the ends meet.I'm amazed at how much I'm able to get and how much farther our grocery dollar stretches.I'm no Extreme couponer,but we've all  been pretty happy with the results thus far.

I look forward to getting to know more fellow bloggers and learning the ropes and getting better at this.
God bless,Linn


  1. Learning the ropes!! Girl I've been @ this for over a year & haven't a clue how to post like you have. Excellent start.

  2. Welcome to the world of bloggin' it is great fun. You are off to a great start. Once you get it set up it takes no time at all (unless of course you agonize over what to write!) I have found great joy writing in my blog. I hope you find the same with yours.