Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sausage gravy & biscuits.

This is one of our family favorites.A very quick and easy breakfast.

This morning I just whipped up some biscuits with biscuit mix.I make homemade as well,but I was looking for quick this morning.

Start by crumbling sausage in a pan.I always buy those large Jimmy Dean rolls from Costco they seem to be the most economical.                        
Cook on medium until c0mpletely brown.                                 

  Do not drain the grease this is what is going to be used to flavor the gravy. 

Now mix about 1 and a half cups of milk with 3 heaping tbsp of flour.Whisk it together until smooth.
          Pour onto the sausage and cook on medium until thick and bubbly.If it bubbles too much turn your heat down. I just season with a shake or two of seasoning salt and pepper. 
 When it coats the  the back of a spoon it's done. 
 Serve over hot bicuits.


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