Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scooping up wishes!


Well we are back from the Make A Wish ice cream social.It was so much fun we just had a blast.Thank you Cold Stone in Silverdale you always make things so much fun.

    Ariel and Michael had a blast decorating cupcakes and making giant Oreo cookies.They also had a lot of fun with the crew especially Nick who was teaching them Cold Stone 
jingles to sing for customers.
    They also did an awesome job scooping ice cream behind the counter for customers.We all left with some ice cream of our choice,the Make A Wish jar full and plenty of wonderful memories.                                                

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  1. Wow you are good at this blog thing. As I said blogs are the last thing I keep up with. In a real emergency through out your site on fb to read. I did have coles pages just the urgent pray page done by 2am. I'm on the Sunday crew and I'm usually two hours before the end of the day. Looks like Ariel had fun. Did you have Make a Wish volunteers standing outside with material? That's what we did. It was nice this year last year rainy and more people. I need to watch the trips again soon their videos. It's been a while