Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ariel's Baptism part 2

I am so proud of our girl.Ariel is very shy and has some very severe sensory issues,she will shy away from anything that draws attention to herself.

She came to me recently and told me she wanted to get Baptized but was afraid because she's always so nervous,but this is something she really wanted to do.I told her we would talk to the pastor and we did.She gave him her testimony of how she got saved on Sunday and we scheduled it for last night.

She was quite nervous,but also very excited.

She wanted me to do her hair up before the service.
We were blessed that many of our friends and family members showed up for it.I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get pictures of everyone.

This is Ariel and her friend Rebecka just waiting.

Here is where the Baptismal is at high in the air above the podium.
  The pastor brought Ariel up front and announced her Baptismal and then we went up the stairs.When I saw it I was teasing him saying it looked like a jacuzzi.It was about 90 degrees up there.Here is the link to see it on video.

 And here is Ariel and Pastor Rodgers after.She was so excited.She was showered with gifts and love from the whole congregation.It was a very special day.I am so proud of her.                                    

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