Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas recap.

Hello friends.I hope you all had a blessed Christmas,as we celebrate the coming of our Saviour.

On December 23rd the kids grandparents came over.My mom and stepdad.

We had a nice spread of all kind of appetizers:
Little pigs in the blanket,BBQ smokies,veggie pizza,olives,cheese log,salami and other cheeses,7 layer dip,fruit bread and all kinds of cookies and fudge.

After a nice dinner we all sat down and opened gifts.

Here is a youtube of the kids opening gifts.

I'm so glad Daniel got some new pants from grandma for Christmas.

After gifts and dinner we watched Jingle all the way with my stepdad.He loves cornball type movies and since he works at the post office and it had all the mail carrier jokes he thought it was a hoot.

My mom and Ariel worked on some crafts in the kitchen.

It was a very nice and fun evening.

Christmas eve was not good for Ariel at all.She was seizurey all day and had bad tummy.We really wanted to go to candlelight service at church,but Ariel was to sick and the rest of us are getting over this bug.So we just had a very quiet and mellow day watching Christmas movies.

Yesterday we had a nice day.Very mellow.We watched the Disneyland Christmas parade.

                     And a few Christmas concerts.

We gave thanks to The Lord for sending us his son and had a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings and played some board games.

I bought this game for the kids,but it's a bit harder to play than I thought.A lot of the items were from before the kids were born and it was pretty tough for Ariel.So today we will play Apples to Apples instead.

All in all we had a very blessed Christmas.Thank you to everyone that sent a card or gift.We really appreciated it.

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