Thursday, December 15, 2011


Our church had the idea for everyone that wanted to,to go to Zoolights on Monday.Originally my hubby was going to come,but he was sick and ended up going to the doctors instead,so I asked my dear friend Anne to come.She has 10 kids and so it was a nice little break for her,plus her birthday was the day before and so that was even more of a bonus.My cousin was also going to come ,but unfortunately she hit a patch of black ice and was in an accident.I felt so bad,but am praising God she wasn't hurt.

We decided to stop first and get pizza at Little Ceasers and then bring a thermos of hot chocolate.

It was beautiful and unfortunately I didn't realize until after we had gone that I didn't get one picture of the kids,but oh well we were having a lot of fun,but it was very cold about 27 degrees.

It was a really fun day I even captured some video here:

Daniel was a bit hyper this day and of course the next day he had a bad seizure,so we kind of new that was coming,but we can't just live in the house all the time knowing a seizure is going to hit.Like my blog says we try to make the most out of life.Our next event will be Spanaway drive through those.

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