Sunday, December 11, 2011

Port Gamble Country Christmas.

Because I couldn't find the location of the cookie party yesterday until it was pretty much over, and Ariel was so disappointed I wanted to make it up to her,so yesterday I took Ariel and her friend Rebecka to The Port Gamble Country Christmas.

First we stopped off at Dairy Queen for burgers and onion rings and then off to Starbuck's for Hot apple cider and caramel Brulee's.


                        Then we walked around the town.

Port Gamble is an old mill town.It's very cute and picturesque.It makes me feel like I'm walking around Avonlea,especially when they had the bagpiper playing.

We attempted to go on a hay ride,but since this didn't seem to be my weekend for holiday events, the wagon pulled by a tractor got a flat tire about two minutes after we left.That was a bit disappointing,but no matter we got off and just walked around the town some more.

                    I love this little tea house it's so cute!

After we walked around a bit we went and watched the tree lighting ceremony.They had lights and decorations everywhere.

                              Then the big tree was lit!

We walked around a bit more into some shops to look at all the fun things,and ended up giving into the irresistible smell of Kettle and carmel corn and ended up getting a bag.

Then we went on to see the fireworks show.It was just amazing.I didn't take pictures,but took video.You can see it here.

Here is a bit of video from us walking around.

After the fireworks show,which was amazing by the way,we decided to go back into the General store and look around.

       What a couple of beautiful young ladies,inside and out!

It was a really fun day and I think both girls had a good time.Ariel was a bit out of it for much of the day,but she still enjoyed herself quite a bit.

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