Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holidays,sickness and seizures.

Well unfortunately this seems to be one of our usual holiday traditions.It never fails it seems like almost every holiday we are either sick or someone is having seizures.

It first started with Gilbert,then spread to Daniel the day after he had a really bad seizure and then it hit Nicholas,Ariel and myself.Michael has escaped it thus far.All my days of hospital and urgent care visits probably didn't help matters.

Hmm lets take a stroll down memory lane at some fun past holidays and events.This is only some of the things mind you.

October Daniel has a seizure and not only hurts his arm,but his face as well.

Right before Thanksgiving last year.Ariel was in and out of the hospital. 

Thanksgiving last year Daniel has a seizure.

                   Christmas last year Ariel breaks her arm.

                              Christmas Ariel's sick in bed.

                               New Years sick in bed again.

            Valentine's Day Daniel and Ariel having seizures.

                                   More seizures at Easter.

In May Daniel has a bad seizure on our trip back from Disneyland.

4th of July Daniel has a mass seizure at the fireworks stand and Ariel having seizures too.

Both boys birthdays were plagued with seizures

 Thankfully no one had one on Thanksgiving,but daniel had a bad seizure 2 days later.

So whatever the reason is, we seem to always have something happen every holiday,but I think that's just how our crazy busy months are.I will not let it sour me and make me become a Grinch.

We will continue to make the most of it,baking cookies

 and watching holiday specials

 and remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season.


  1. Linn,
    Very nicely done!!Hope everyone is having a better day today!!Praying for all of you daily!!!Hope you all have A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!Love and Prayers,Amy

  2. Wow Linn. First and foremost, your children are beautiful!! Yes, even the boys!!! Wish I could understand these difficult journeys that present themselves, but know that we are here for you! Love, Julie and Chelsea Hutchison