Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'll let you in on a little secret,shhhhh! Confessions of a stress eater.

New years,goals.I don't really like to use the word resolution,because they never really work.Every new year it seems I set certain goals,only to find them last a month or two and me fall flat on my face.I guess everything has to be done in moderation and with only the strength that Jesus can give

Well the reason I'm revealing this is to help myself be accountable.My secret is that I'm a very bad stress eater.I have gained so much weight in the past 10 years that at times I don't even recognize myself,which is why you never see my picture anywhere,because to be honest I'm ashamed of what I've let myself become.

Almost my entire life I have been thin and fit.Rarely ate anything bad for me.When Daniel started having seizures our world was turned upside down.In the beginning the weight came on due to convenience.We were always at the doctors,in the hospital,running to the lab.I would be so stressed by the end of it that we would just grab hamburgers or pick up a pizza on the way home.As the other two kids were diagnosed with the same devastating seizure disorder my eating and my stress got worse.

Then it became more, it became my source of comfort in an unstable life.I know only God should be our source of comfort.But food was my comforter and has been my comforter.

I reveal this to help myself become more accountable and to get back to being fit for my health and for my kids.They have enough health problems,without worrying about their mom's health declining due to her weight.So hopefully I will be reporting back my progress and prayerfully reporting back my weight loss and better excercising and eating habits.

Any tips or encouraging words of wisdom would be most helpful,and I would really appreciate them.

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