Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walking in my tattered worn out shoes.

These are the shoes of any mom or all mom's (dad's too) of disabled children.They are tattered and worn from overuse.Very much like mom herself from the constant care she must give to her child that cannot fend for themselves.

They are not sleek and stylish, they are worn from the many miles walking across the floor either tending care or walking with worry.These are my shoes and the shoes of many others like me.

As a parent of kids with special needs it's like being drafted into a club you never wanted to be in.We all have a special bond with one another,knowing the sacrifices we've all made and some of the dreams we have all given up.

Sometimes I get sad when I get those Christmas letters of how peoples kids are growing up,getting jobs or married and moving on with life.I don't begrudge that to anyone I'm very happy for you,but I will admit it does kind of sting at times not knowing the future that my children will have.

Please don't judge me by the shoes I wear.They are shoes that have been in many battles with unkind people in the medical field and unkind people in general who do not understand the way my childs brain works or do not have or take the time to understand them. They have seen many tears both from me and my child.

After many years though these shoes have become familiar.I will never say they are comfortable,but they are reliable.I will instantly recognize others by the shoes they wear and instantly form a special bond with them when I see their ratty worn out shoes,but I am always thrilled as well when someone will come up to me remove their sleek and stylish shoes and say let me try on your shoes for a while and see what the world is like in them.

Until you see what the world is like in my tattered,worn out shoes,please don't judge me for them.


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  2. There was nothing bad in the comment made i actually loved it,but she put her phone number and I didn't think she wanted that to go out publicly.