Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow days!

We have been getting our share of snow.I had thought we would have dodged the bullet this year,but nope.The people in Eastern Washington are quite used to this kind of weather,but not us on the western side.

I don't mind it if I have no where to go,but it looks like we will be missing Ariel's G.I. appointment that we've waited months for.Our snow started falling on Sunday when I had to take Ariel to the E.R. and we've had little bits since then,with the biggest event hitting on Tuesday night.We have almost a foot of snow.It is very pretty though and thankfully we've kept power and water the whole time.

The Shihtzu's were having a lot of fun playing in it.They are so short they had to hop around like bunnies.They were looking for their ball in these pics.

The kids had fun playing in it.Daniel with his little snow man.

Ariel was having fun sledding and Michael was building sculptures.

Now we are getting freezing rain making for a slushy mess.
Although very pretty I will be happy to see it go.


  1. wow! I really like those snow animals. Wish I could be that creative. Praying the kids will be o.k. with no medical emergencies during the storm! Hugs!

  2. Linn,
    Thanks for sharing this. It looks beautiful there. St. Louis has just had a dusting of snow this year. Last year at this time we had close to 15 inches by now. I think we are either going to get dumped on or we will have a mild one which is fine for me. I am such a baby, I don't like to be cold. It was freezing here last night and today, so I would rather have snow than just cold. I will keep you in my Prayers that all stays calm for you ad your family during this weather. In the meantime take care and as always your in my thoughts.
    God Bless,
    Kim Duly