Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coupon deals!

Well I hit some pretty good couponing deals this past week and am going to try and score all my Thanksgiving needs for as cheap as possible.

Here is my first order all for under $20.00,which included,4 boxes of Ritz crackers,1 2lb block of Tillamook cheeses,8 bags of Hersheys baking chips, 8 Totinos pizzas,2 Betty Crocker potato mix, 2 V8 Splash, 2 Bounty paper towels, 1 bag Texas Toast croutons,1 tube of frosting.

My 2nd order for under $20.00 consisted of 3 boxes of Rhodes cinnamon rolls,1 pckg El Monterey burritos,1 carton egg nog, 3 12 pack Albertson's soda, 4 C&H sugar powdered and brown,2 Totinos pizza rolls,2 Marie Callender pies,2 boxes pop tarts and 4 Ocean Spray cranberry sauce,1 bag Texas Toast croutons.

There are some great deals at Albertson's,QFC and Safeway right now.

Pillsbury crescent & cinnamon rolls $1.49
Cool Whip 75 cents
celery 50 cents

Supreme Brownies $1.00 combine with the 75 cents off 2 coupon to get 2 boxes for $1.25 these normally retail for over $3.00 each.
Hostess donuts $1.89
Cake mix 99 cents
Pepsi 24 pack on Friday $5.00

QFC spend $25.00 get turkey for 39 cents a lb
GM cereals 4 for 10 and get a free gallon of milk.

When you combine these deals with coupons they are very cheap.
Here are some great sites for coupons.

Happy couponing!

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