Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Epilepsy Awareness month!

It is November the month of Epilepsy Awareness.Many people believe Epilepsy will never happen to them,but in a blink of an eye all that can change as it did for us.

We had normal healthy children until one by one their lives were changed by seizures.Daniel at age 10,Ariel diagnosed at 12,but I believe hers started at 9 and Michael at 14 after he fell out of a tree and got a concussion.

Epilepsy can hit you at any time due to Genetics,brain or head injury,illness or sometimes just idiopathic (No known cause.)

Here are some statistics for you.More people have Epilepsy than Cerebral Palsy,Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis combined!

 1 on 10 will have atleast 1 seizure in their life time.
1 in 100 is diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Here is a statistic I ran across on how a lot of Epileptics are treated.Sadly we have experienced a lot of these things,especially avoidance.

But yet Epilepsy is often mocked and laughed at.People think for some reason it's funny to tell seizure jokes.There is a movie out right now called Tower Heist were Eddie Murphy is constantly calling this guy seizure boy and making fun of seizures.

I know,because unfortunately I was in the theatre with my husband watching something else when the preview for this movie came on.We were disgusted by it!
 Seizures are no joking matter and can even take a life.Do these pictures look funny Eddie?

 Shoulder dislocation from a seizure.

  This is from an injury due to a seizure.

 Ariel frequently requires oxygen due to her seizures.

Please help promote Epilepsy Awareness.

Michael and Ariel did drawings for cards they are selling for The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation to help them provide Seizure Alert Dogs and EMFIT monitors.You can view and purchase the cards here

There are also a lot of other organizations like The Epilepsy Foundation that you can contribute to as well.

 Chelsea Hutchison Foundation

Thank you for helping to support Epilepsy awareness!

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