Sunday, November 27, 2011

The saga of an infected eye.

This whole situation with Ariel's eye has been so crazy.My husband and I went to church by ourselves.One of those rare occasions where we get to be alone.As church was finishing I got several phone calls from my son,who informed me that his sister got nail polish remover in her eye and was screaming like a banshee.

When I got home I quickly rushed her to Urgent care,where they spent a good hour flushing out her eye.The doctor there used a black light and some medication that made her eye glow and told me she had burned her Cornea.Then gave her ointment.Her eye looked better after the flushes.

As the days went on and she used all the things given to her, and her eye was looking worse and oozing and weeping and getting all stuck together.

We finally ended up at an Opthalmologist,but I wasn't too impressed with him.She was in so much pain and her eye was just not getting better.He basically told us nothing.Ariel cried all night that night and I was upset.So being the mama bear I am made another appointment with a different doctor at another clinic.

I took her to the appointment the next day only to discover it was the same doctor,only he was at a different office.I told them we would wait for another appointment with the other doctor as I was pretty sure he wasn't going to do anything.
We ended up seeing him on Friday.On that day her eye looked like this.

The doctor was so kind.He said her eye was a mess.It was like a big open sore.He said it had developed pitts all in it and it had swollen glands and it was highly contagious.I explained to him that with her impairment it's very hard to keep her hands away from her eye.He understood and informed us he believed she was allergic to the ointment the other guy gave her.She is doing the Antibiotic drops every couple of hours and her eye is looking better already.I'm so thankful for a doctor that thinks outside of the box.

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