Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doctor, headaches and hassels.

Having children that are medically fragile is never an easy thing.When you have kids with lots of medical issues you are constantly in and out of doctors,hospitals and clinics like a revolving door.

Over the years we've had our share of stinkers.Even ones that have been accusatory to us.

It took years for us to get a proper diagnosis for our kids,especially Ariel.For years I went to doctor after doctor begging for them to figure out what is wrong with my daughter and why she was regressing.

Finally we found some doctors that had some of the wisdom of Doctor House,unfortunately for us lately we have been  seeming to have ones with his personality as well.

Why is it so difficult to find someone with a little love and compassion, instead of a big head and super inflated ego?

Doctors need to remember they have taken and sworn to a Hippocratic Oath.

They need to remember that their patients are people with feelings and real problems and issues and not a herd of cattle.

Amongst the stinkers we have been blessed to find a few gems.

Remember doctors it is we the patients that help pay your salary. If you didn't have patients you wouldn't have a salary.

I think many need to remember The words of James:

James 1:19

King James Version (KJV)

19Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath

It would be nice if some where indeed quick at listening and slow to speak.

  I long for the days of the caring,compassionate,country doctor.

Maybe someday we can find someone like that,although with modern medicine being what it is I fear those days are long gone.


  1. Linn, This is all too true. I can relate completely.

  2. Linn: Ummm I agree. I'd love to show to my dr. I wonder though how religion effects how she practices? She is Jewish so I wonder how her differing beliefs effect how she treats her patients? Makes me think about is it important to find a dr with simular religious beliefs. What do you think or is a dr more then that? How high a priority do you think it should be? I'm glad you got official word from ortho dr. today. Hope Ariel feels better soon! Hugs! P.S. Where did you find the pictures you used for this?