Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Food & craft fair.

Ariel & I went to The Food & Craft Fair last weekend.We had so much fun! I just love to look at all the neat little things.We rarely buy anything,but it's fun to look.

                       There were all sorts of pretty decorations.

Then there were things that not only looked pretty,but smelled delightful.

Then there were things that were whimsical as well as practical.


Then there were things that were just plain tasty.

Ariel saw a gal painting faces and she so wanted to have it done,this was before the whole eye mess.

Everyone was very impressed with the finished job and kept making comments to Ariel.She was of course beaming.

          I liked watching this man work a true Craftsman.

After the craft fair I took Ariel to the mall to get a Strawberry Julius,I had a coupon you know.Also to get samples at Sees & Hickory Farms and to look at decorations.

We had a wonderful day of smelling and tasting samples,Kettle Corn,face painting and just enjoying all the beautiful sights and sounds.You don't have to have a lot of money to make things special for your kids.Make memories with them,those last a lot longer.

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