Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ladies Spark's Conference ( trip around the world)

Our church went this conference last Friday.I had never been before,so didn't know what to expect.I had the funnest time and was blessed beyond belief.

Besides having good food and a wonderful devotional speaker we played these games that were so creative and fun.In the beginning our team leaders were given a very large passport.

The goal was to get stamps from each of the countries.If we were the first to complete our passport we would win the prize.

First stop Italy.Here we had to make our pizza dough cover the pan,well it seemed easy,but after so many groups adding flour it was not very pliable at all and kept falling apart.The guys and gals at the stations did a great job with accents.

My pics are not that great.They are from my phone and I had to snap and run.

Holland where we had to see if we could fit in the wooden shoes.I could actually fit them!

Australia bus tour.Unfortunately this bus had a lot of yellow jackets on it for some reason.But the game was fun.

This was the customs bus in England.We had 1 min to dig through the suitcase and find the contraban item.We had to do this one twice as we couldn't find the car charger the first time.
Mexico where we had to listen to the ladies question in spanish and repeat the answer in spanish.

The French bistro that's why it's so dark.We had to look at menus and find among the french and english words the ones that where non food related.

Our associate pastors wife looking intently for the words.

Africa where we had to listen to animal sounds and write the correct animal.Not as easy as it sounds.

In between the games we had wonderful food,music,skits and devotional time.It was so much fun I can't wait until next year.The them next year is somewhere in time,so you can dress old fashioned or futuristic.

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