Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some of the toughest battles and some of the bravest warriors.

Hello friends,Our Caringbridge Family and the medical world has been hit so hard in the last year.We have lost so many precious children it is heartbreaking.

This journey has never been easy.When your child is first diagnosed with a long term medical illness you feel as if you have been literally drafted into the trenches of war.

You almost have to learn a new vocabulary,and a totally new way of life,but being in the trenches you get to know other families and other parents who are also battling along side you and a special comradery is formed.Even if they are battling a different war then you are.

You begin to feel each others pain and you hurt when they hurt.You celebrate the triumphs and you're also devastated by the blows of bad news.

There is a young man and  two special little girls that I am thinking of right now.A little sweetie named Melanie sadly lost her battle with her lungs and went to be in the arms of Jesus.

As did another little sweetie named Emily.Emily was very difficult especially,because we had actually met her in person.We met her and her mom Sara at Disneyland last year.To know Emily was to instantly fall in love with her.We had a great day getting to no one another and going on rides together.

A special young man named Billy sadly also lost his battle.These children are free no longer suffering and in pain,but their parents need prayers as they are heartbroken over the loss of their precious children.

It's also been really hard on Ariel,as her understanding is limited.I've wiped many a tears from her and was getting quite concerned with her sadness and so we decided to do something about it.we would never walk away from caringbridge.This has been one of the homes on the webs we've grown to love since 2004.Instead we made a memorial tree.Dedicated to all those we've known  whether in person or just talking with their families via phone or on the internet.

Ariel and I tied on pink and blue ribbons in memory of either boys or girls that had passed.We also put a cute little Hello Kitty for Emily,who loved Hello Kitty

                       And an adorable little frog for Curtis.

Here are more of the names on our tree:

                                      Billy Gerlach

Amanda Brady

                                  Reagan Joy Rodriguez

                       Chelsea Hutchison
(Her parents started The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation to bring people awareness of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy Patients of S.U.D.E.P.)


                        Curtis Shubert

                        Donna Evans

                                     Jayden Kendrick

                         Haley Vincent
She could sing like a bird and actually had sent us a post card from the beach just a few days before she passed.That will always be special to us.
(Hayley's parent started The Hayley Vincent Foundation:To bring awareness of liver related disorders.)

                          Emily Evans

                    Samuel David Hovanski

                                     Melanie Canete


                       Memphis Seaton

              Lindsey Steltenpohl & Eithene Hillard
            Two little girls that fought tough brave battles.

Jacob Duckworth A triplet and
One of the first Caringbridge kids we got to know.

                                    Nicholas Boggs

(His parents are raising money and awareness for Fanconi Anemia)  I loved listening to Nicholas on youtube.He loved The Lord and often sang hymns.

Ariel ready to release balloons on Emily's Memorial.

I think having the tree is a constant reminder of how precious life is.


  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE!!! THANKS YOU FOR SHARING MY MAN!!! I miss him so much but knowing he's having a blast and praising God for now till I get there at least he's busy and not causing you guys!

  2. Dear Family,
    What a lovely way to honor so many important, wonderful children and their families. (Any chance you could send me their names in an e-mail, with a note about what each liked, like the frog and hello kittie?....I'd do it, but you know how crazy my sight is when I go back and forth at a site. Not making any promises, but have something in mind to send Ariel.)
    What amazing lights each of these children (and their families) have been/continue to their ripples continue ever outward. I know Ethelene thru cb touched my life in a profound way as does her family as they have a new battle for their son.
    Glad you all have found such a neat way to honor them and their journey(s).
    Heart-Hugs & Prayer-Songs,
    Ms Lu