Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Walk around the marina and E.R. trip.

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day and since it seems our nice days are so few and far between anymore I took the kids for a walk around the marina.It's such a nice little area around the harbor.

                   It was nice to get out and get excercise.After the walk I took the kids up to Costco to get some frozen yogart.

That evening Ariel and I went to ladies Bible study.I cannot tell you what an absolute blessing our church is to me.I love all the families there.We have so much fellowship and friendship it's just amazing,something I've never experienced.Anyway during the day Daniel was blanking out quite a lot during the day an indicator that a big seizure is coming.After our Bible study I called home all was good.When I got home I was informed Daniel had,had another bad Grand Mal.

After tugging on his arm a bit we realized his shoulder would be stubborn,so we went to our local E.R. the one you usually never wait in and always get a room.Well I knew one day that would change.They all pretty much know Daniel there.As we were waiting to be triaged the triage nurse came up.This gal I've had issues with in the past.Poor Daniel looked so bad he had petechia all over his face and shoulders from the convulsion being so forceful.

Anyway we sat and sat and sat.After reading her triage notation I could understand why.Thankfully Dr.Campbell came out and said Daniel did you dislocate your shoulder again? Wow,it's pretty bad when they know you that well.He had them take us to a triage room to give him a shot of Dilauden and hopefully relax him enough to pop it back in himself.While waiting I read her triage not it said shoulder complaint(GRRRR!!!!!!) Really not dislocation from a severe shoulder.That made it sound like he had pulled a muscle.

I think the doctor must have gotten on her,because she was nicey,nicey after we got in the triage room.

I don't know what the deal was last night,but everybody and their brother were in the E.R.We sat in that triage room for over two hours.Finally they came and got him into a room.

Finally after two shots Daniel finally managed to pop it in himself.Then we say and waited and waited and waited some more.Daniel knocked out from sheer exhaustion.

         The doctor finally came and saw us at 3am.He's actually my favorite E.R. doc.I understand they were just slammed last night,but I was so tired.He wrote Daniel a prescription for pain meds and we fiunally got home at 3:30  in the morning.

Unfortunately new meds never work for long.Please continue to pray for Daniel.

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    Well Golly, I'm sorry you had to go thru all this! (Hope the Doctor got on that Nurse BIG-TIME and that you NEVER have a problem with her again). Bless you.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves earlier in the day.
    Keep us posted!
    Heart-Hugs & Prayer-Songs flowing.....
    Ms Lu