Monday, April 9, 2012

Resurrection Day.

Daniel,Ariel and Michael all dressed up for church.They look so grown up.I know they are,but it's hard as a parent to come to the realization that your kids are not little anymore.

We had some great music at church

Followed by a wonderful sermon comparing the passover and the Resurrection and talking about the ultimate price Jesus paid for us.

After church we came home and made brunch.I made eggs benedict and cinnamon rolls.

After that the kids played flag football outside.I made dinner ham,escalloped potatoes,green bean casserole and rolls.

The pics aren't the greatest they were just taken with my phone.After dinner the kids went outside and played flag football.It was a beautiful day.Unfortunately Daniel got a migraine and Ariel wasn't feeling all that great,so Nicholas,Michael and I went to evening service.

It was pizza night after service.We had Little Ceaser's.As pastor said "We are having five dollar pizza that tastes like five dollar pizza."
After church we came home and had chocolate and banana cream pie.It was a wonderful and blessed day.

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  1. Man, o man, Linn, can you cook. Funny comment about the $5 pizza!..LOL... and the guys look way handsome, and Ariel is just a gorgeous dark haired beauty anyway! What a blessed Resurrection weekend you all had! Hugs, love, Hunter