Saturday, April 28, 2012

Emergency room fun(If there really is such a thing)

Tuesday night Daniel's had another of his bad Grand Mal seizures.No matter how many times I see them I never get used to them.I hate the sound his body makes forcing the oxygen from his lungs.I hate watching my son turn different shades of blue and purple and I really hate seeing all the broken blood vessels all over his body from convulsing so hard and seeing all of the bitten up tongues and injuries he sustains with each one.

Mainly the reason we got to the E.R. is because of Daniel's constant shoulder dislocations 51 at this point.Sometimes he can get them in himself other times not and so we have to go to the E.R.Thankfully they all know Daniel there and are usually pretty quick to get us on our way.This particular day we got stuck in the trauma room,where it's 100 degrees and there's no t.v. and so absolutely nothing to do.

               (This is the old fashioned handlebar stache)

Daniel pulled out his phone and started entertaining all his doctors with his various mustaches.I just love his attitude.He never lets things get him down,but just sort of rolls with the punches.

        (I called this the grandpa stache,someone else said                        it  looks like the Santa Claus one.)

            In this pic I snapped him in an Absence seizure.

                         ( this is the Mucho hombre stache)

                                        He's my hero!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Daniel,
    LOVE your cool mustaches!
    What an incredible attitude you have. How neat you can offer your ER teams a rare glimpse into "the more" of who you are.
    Continuing to pray that they'll find something/combination of things that'll help reduce/eliminate these.
    Rooting and Cheering for you from this wee lil corner of the universe!

    Luv Ya LOTS and lifting you up in Prayer-Songs,
    Ms Lu