Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another tough day!

Hello friends,Well yesterday was just another one of those horrible crummy days.It didn't start out too bad.Ariel had told me for the last couple of nights again she had been up at night having pain,but she was able to tolerate it with pain meds.Yesterday I took her to her Ortho in Silverdale to remove her cast.She was very happy to get it off.

On the way home her pain started to intensify.We got home and it got very bad,so I quickly got her to the car and was going to take her to Mary Bridge.As we were driving she started moaning horribly and rocking and crying.I have not seen her have pain like that at all,not even when this first started.

She begged me to just take her to the hospital here.I really wanted to take her to Mary Bridge,since they have all her records and know what's been going on,but I thought well they can always transfer her.

We get to the front desk and they are being way too casual.Here she is screaming and crying in pain and they are just acting like it's no big deal.We get to a room and have a very unfriendly nurse who is going on and on about her breathing too hard,hello lady I 'd like to see you have pain like this and act normal.

A lady doctor came in,who was very nice. I told her the situation with her kidney stones and she ordered her Tordol right away,well these two nurses are just piddling around taking their sweet time.They can't get an i.v. in her and are just being really non chalant.I repeatedly told them this is why I wanted her at Mary Bridge.

Then this male doctor comes in.He and I have had it out before,when he refused to listen to us and spent an hour yanking on my son's arm trying to get it in and when it didn't work as we told him it wouldn't he started flipping out.He comes in and is like "what's going on."Ariel is crying and in pain and can't speak.I told him and he very snottily says "She needs to tell me." I told him she is cognitively impaired.He then saw the lady doctor had come in and so he said "Oh I will let her take care of it." I was thinking good.I didn't want you here anyway!

Finally they gave her some Tordol and Fenegran for nausea.I wish she could take Zofran,but she gets a horrible case of Dyskenesia from it,not only does she flail and do all sorts of weird things,but then it makes her go into seizures as well.Unfortunately we learned this the hard way,when they gave her a mixture of Zofran and Morphine and she had to be taken by ambulance to another hospital.
It took several minutes,but it finally worked.One thing I notice with Tordol is Ariel gets really mean when she's on it.When we were in the hospital for all that time in January she was like that at first with the Tordol,but I think she got used to it and wasn't as nasty.

They did call her wonderful Urologist and he wanted an Ultrasound.The stone had passed through the kidney and was in the Ureter.So here we go again.They also discovered she has a Urinary tract infection.More good news.

Last night from what I understand she was up most of the night in pain.The stone is big enough we should have seen it if it passed.We are straining her urine.She hates being at the hospital,but once she wakes up if she's like that again we are going to have to go back.They may need to do like they did the last time.Flush,give her pain meds around the clock and then fish it out.The last time they only saw one stone on the ct scan,but there were actually 5.I figured I should get a bag packed anyway.

She may have the same exact thing going on now.Please continue to pray for Ariel.She's so tired of hurting and being sick.If you can take a moment to sign her guestbook,write her a note on FB she would love it.Thank you for your prayers and support,God bless,Linn

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  1. Poor sweet Ariel,
    I feel so sorry for you. I am praying that the pain stopped and you can get health again. I agree with your mom, she needs to take to the hospital that already know you and will do what you need not just give you medicine and send you home to suffer some more.
    proudmomja (Terry)