Monday, February 6, 2012

Girls day out!

Hello friends,Well yesterday was a special day out for Ariel and I.She actually had been feeling a bit better and Starlight had generously offered us tickets to a play in Seattle.

The first part of the day we spent at church.It was so nice to see everyone again.We've been gone for a while,especially Ariel,since she had been so sick.

After church we came home,got changed and I asked Ariel where she would like to go to eat for our day out and she chose the Rainforest Cafe.It's such a fun place with the animatronic animals and everything all jungle like,plus they have good food.

We had fun walking around and looking at all the animals and fish tanks.You can see some of it on video here:  and here:  
Unfortunately I lost my coat that had my car keys and was in quite a panic about it,but thankfully found it at the restaurant.I think the attendant picked it up when we were walking around taking pictures.So after that scare.We gathered our things and headed to the play.

I'm glad we got to the theatre when we did,because the line was wrapping around the building.We got some fairly decent seats.I was a bit bugged by the girl next to me constantly using the light of her cell phone to look at her program through out the whole play.Why not just watch the play? The play itself had some wonderful dancing and singing.They don't let you take any pics.I did have a pic of the marquee,but my phone ate it.The play was great,with the exception of one part.I have found that this particular theatre always seems to add innapropriate things to a totally clean show,so I think we will stick with The Paramount from now on.

Ariel and I had a fun and wonderful day and I had the songs from Oklahoma in my head all night and today.The Surry with the fringe on top,Oh,what a beautiful morning and OOOOKlahoma.I'm so glad she felt good.Today she's not feeling too hot,but atleast she had that one great day.

I also ordered Oklahoma on Netflix,so we can watch it together.


  1. Sounds like a much deserved fun day out!

    Lisa Banks

  2. Glad you two had an enjoyable day together.